Macro Monday Ranunculus

My husband knew I have been looking for these flowers for a long time. They don’t seem to sell them anywhere around here, in the places that I usually buy flowers that is. So he special ordered them for me last week. I was surprised that they are much smaller than I expected. 😀 Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to photograph them right away so when I finally found some time they were starting to get a little droopy. But I took them outside one late afternoon in some pretty light and I shot off a ton of images. So far these are the first three I have processed. I will share more soon.



And I just had to try one in BW. I just love the textures.


And now please head over to my friend Iris to see her awesome Macro shots on this Monday.

Week 38/52

This week was the toughest one this year. We, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my husband’s mother, the kids’ grandmother, who had been battling cancer for over 2 years. She lost her battle last Friday and we honored her memory this week when the family gathered around to talk about how wonderful she was and how she will be missed. But one thing that is for sure, she loved her grandkids fiercely and would be happy to know that I brought my camera with me to capture them all together smiling and happily enjoying their thoughts and stories of her.

So here is her ZEV at dinner before the memorial.

dscf7254-fb dscf7273-fb dscf7274-fb dscf7276-fb dscf7277-fb dscf7278-fb

And a little photobomb action from my brother and his girlfriend. 😀


We love and miss you Judy. ♥


Macro Monday Flower Bud

This little flower bud was sitting alone in some pretty light. So I thought I would play with my Helios and freelensing. I call this “1 flower bud 3 ways”. I just can’t decide which I like the most. 🙂

flower-bud-1-fb flower-bud-2-fb flower-bud-3-fb

Please head over to Iris Nelson to see her Macro Monday.

Week 37/52

I am a firm believer in letting the kids have their own independence, within reason. I think that letting them make decisions, giving them the opportunity to fail and not win at everything and letting them spend time away from us helps them learn from their mistakes at an earlier age to prepare them for when they are out in the real world. I give them the tools for them to help themselves, like organizational and study habits, and I send them away each summer to camp for a few weeks to help them learn self-reliance. But even with all of that said I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching around my house. I liked to have control over the housework and I was under the philosophy that it was easier to do it myself than have someone else do it.  Not only is that bad for me running myself ragged cleaning up after all five of us but it wasn’t teaching my kids anything either. So this school year I’ve instituted a new responsibilities chart where I give them the independence to choose three things they would like to do each week, do them and then record them on a shared spreadsheet. It’s going to take a few weeks to get in the groove but I think I am liking the way the first few weeks have gone. 🙂


img_9500_fb img_9511-fb img_9572-fb img_9604-fb img_9301-3-fb img_9704-fbimg_9720-fb img_9735-fb

Wildlife Workshop Weekend

I took a local in person workshop the first weekend in August. It was really nice to be out in nature with many like minded people. Here is a large share from that event.




























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