Macro Monday and Colored Roses

I got a pretty bouquet of multi-colored roses at Costco post Valentine’s Day. My original thought was a dark and moody shoot but we had such a beautiful, warm and sunny weekend that I couldn’t resist taking them outside for some bright light shots. My daughters were also in on the fun and it was their idea to play with some color theory and they placed them in front of their color opposite for these shots. It’s so fun to shoot with help from my girls.

Please head over to my friend Iris Nelson to see what she has for us on this Macro Monday.

Macro Monday and Winter

In the winter I’m not all that motivated to shoot. Its dark and cold and dreary. But we did have one good weekend day that was a little warmer than normal so I thought I would get out in the yard and look for some lovely dead crap to photograph. Here’s what I found for this week.

Please now head over to my friend Iris Nelson and see what she has for us on this Monday Morning.

Macro Monday and More Ice

We haven’t had a ton of snow but we did have a second ice storm. I played the next morning when the sun was shining before all the ice melted with my helios. I freelensed these both the normal way and the reverse macro way. It was a beautiful morning.

Macro Monday and African Violets

My mother has quite the green thumb with these African Violet plants and I was the lucky recipient of one. I’ve been meaning to take some shots of the beautiful, purple, shimmery flowers with my Velvet56. Super pretty.

African violet macro African violet macro

Head over to my friend and super talented Tiffany Kelly to see her macro shot on this Monday.

Macro Monday And Velvet56 Freelensing

A forgotten image from when I used my Lensbaby Velvet56 to freelens. I love the DOF and softness of this image.

ranunculus freelensing

Please head over to the talented Iris Nelson to see her Macro Monday shot for today.

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