Week 42/52

Happiness is a new update to our favorite app Musical.ly, playing with the new filters and laughing at ourselves. I love the gorgeous autumn colors that she is playing under.

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Macro Monday Spiderwebs

I have an obsession with spiderwebs this time of year. When you catch them right at dawn, with the super small dew droplets on them, they are magical. Spiders are amazing working through the night to make their artwork just to have it blown away or torn down the next day just to start all  over again. Just beautiful. And since I couldn’t pick a favorite, I am posting all of them.

While some of these are not as close as I normally shoot macro, I am still calling these worthy of Macro Monday. Hey, I did use my macro lens! 😉

spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew spiderweb spider dew

And now please head over to Elizabeth Partin to see her lovely Macro Monday shots this week.

Week 41/52

Because we all ride our scooters in the rain…wearing a tutu…singing with our iPods. 😀

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Macro Monday Underneath


Week 40/52

Last night was my son’s first homecoming dance. He was accompanied by a long time family friend who was very excited to go to another homecoming dance and spend a few hours with him. I am pretty sure they had a good time despite the fire alarm being triggered twice by the popcorn machine. I couldn’t resist a few minutes with them in the studio before they left. So super cute. ♥













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