Serenity | In the Awakening of the Earth

Spring took a long time to finally reach us this year. Its been a long, cold and dark winter. But I take great joy at the sunshine, longer days and warmth that we have ahead of us. My flowering trees are enjoying the sun as well.

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New Studio | Central Maryland Wildlife Photographer

Its been a while since I wrote a blog post and I thought now would be a great time to do so. We just recently completed a big basement finishing project and in doing so I created a new space just for me and my studio. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about what I shoot with and how I set up the studio so I thought I would write a post about just that, my gear with links. But before I do that, I thought I would share some photos of the new space:

For cameras I have two bodies – Canon 5DMIII and Canon 7DMII:

For wildlife I use a Sigma 150-600 and a Canon 100-400L:

My main light for my studio is an Alien Bees AB800:

And the frame and fabric for the standup reflector I use:

For the rest of my gear, here is a link to my Amazon website to show you what else I shoot with:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




Serenity | In Sunflowers

This was my first time visiting a sunflower field. I had heard and seen some amazing things about a local field that was a haven to birds like Indigo Buntings and Goldfinches. I thought I would drive the hour to go see for myself. I was armed with both my cameras, one for distance and one for wide, so I could try my hand in sunflower shooting. And while it was super hot and sticky and buggy and very crowded I managed to get a few shots I liked, even though the Indigo Buntings were not all that interested in posing for me in the field. I saw them in the trees though. Here is how I spent my evening.


For more serenity, please head over to the super talented Nadeen Flynn, northern California natural light photographer for her photos this month.

Serenity | In Weeding and Gardens

I know you are probably thinking I am loosing my mind saying there is serenity in weeding but let me explain. First of all I am the furthest from a good gardener. I really know nothing about what it is like to have a green thumb. That said, 15 months ago I purchased a few small plants to designate a small part of my yard as a butterfly and hummingbird garden. My first mistake was not to mark what and where I planted these teeny plants. My second mistake was to not keep control of the weeds in this area. So last summer, I was pretty disappointed in the growth of this garden. However, this year the two butterfly bushes and Joe Pye weeds decided to grow like crazy as well as a couple of other miscellaneous plants that I *think* I planted. However, again this year I let the weeds overtake this area and I decided this weekend I needed to tackle it.

OK why is this serenity, well the hours I have spent out in my little garden allowed me to be up close and personal to some of the most beautiful tiny creatures that share my backyard with me. I grabbed my macro lens and in between weeding I captured the beauty of these creatures that lives in their own small little world.

Here is a sampling of the critters that posed for me. Most of these bugs I didn’t bother to identify but I did recognize a woolly caterpillar, some butterflies, a host of baby tree frogs (oh so cute) and of course some flowers.




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Serenity | Spring Warmth and Sun

This month I am excited to be joining in on The Serenity Project with some of my talented photographer friends. Once a month we all share what serenity means to us and take photos. This month, as we are just now leaving a cold spell, I find my serenity in the warmth of the spring days and the bright sunshine on our faces and leaves.

I also find serenity in tiny blossoms, aka weeds, that surround my house at the edge of the forrest.

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