52 of 2016

Week 52/52

The final week of the year has arrived. I have completed this 52 week project and I have a lot of photos of my kids that I will print and put in their scrapbook which I know we will all cherish. This week was also Hanukkah so I have been busy documenting each of the nights of fun. Here are the highlights from the rest of the week. It’s been the most fun to end the year with a nightly celebration.

Night 2: (freelensing)

Night 3: (24-70)

Night 4: (velvet56)

Night 5: (wide angle)

Night 6: (Helios)

Night 7:

Night 8: (Freelensing)

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Here’s to a wonderful 2017!

Week 51/52

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Christmas Eve. I tried an in-camera double exposure this week for fun.

hanukkah night 1

I can’t believe the final week of this project is upon us starting tomorrow and it will be the most fun yet as it is the week of Hanukkah. I know I will have a lot to share in the final blog post of the year to finish off with a bang. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Week 50/52

We are down to one more week before Hanukkah arrives. It does feel a little strange with it being quite so late this year. But this week the kids are starting to get excited about picking their menorahs and candles that they plan to light. Plus we tested the lights in our decorations and played with some beautiful morning sun, inside. Something to keep us busy during this very cold week.

Week 49/52

And winter is upon us. This week mother nature reminded us what cold felt like. Is it spring yet? 😀

Week 47 and 48/52

Last week we were on vacation which is the reason for the delay in posting week 47. We had some amazing weather for Thanksgiving week at the Outer Banks, NC. We spent time being tourists visiting the lighthouses, playing on the beach and seeing the Wright Brothers. It was a wonderful and needed get away.

eliza-beach-fb girls-beach-fb

bodie-island-light-fb hatteras-light-fb sunset-over-sound-fb

I am almost embarrassed to admit how many photos I brought back with me and I know it will take me most of the month to go through and edit them all. But at least I can relive the week and remember how much I love the beach. 🙂


For week 48, however, we are back to our regular routines of homework help, looking outside for squirrels, musical.ly and more homework with a little gaming thrown in. The kids enjoyed the break from school for a few days but are back to working hard.

img_2731-fb img_2733-fbimg_2725-fb img_2791-fb img_2860-fb

I can’t believe it’s December already and I only have 4 more weeks of this project. Thanks for following along with me.

Week 46/52

Her friends call her on the phone more than any of the others. She is going to be a fun teenager. 🙂

img_1488-fbimg_1507-fb img_1510-fbimg_1517-fb

Week 45/52

Rarely do I get out to shoot at golden hour. It seems like everyone has so much stuff going on during that time that I just miss it, along with the time change, it gets dark so early going forward. 🙁 My house faces south which would make for a nice westerly sunset however, in my yard there are tons of obstructions in the way of some pretty light, like a large Elementary School. But before the last of the light dipped behind the school yesterday I decided to take a few photos of my daughter and her doggie with my helios freelensed so I can capture some pretty flare.


img_1290-fb img_1294-fb img_1296-fb img_1299-fb img_1306-fb img_1314-fb img_1317-fb img_1319-fb

Week 44/52

Its that time of year where the leaves are coming down in droves. 🙂 This past week we were spoiled with some amazingly beautiful, warm, sunny weather for two afternoons so I took advantage and spent some time freelensing while the kids played in the sun.

img_0934-fb img_0941-fb img_0974-fb img_0990-fb img_0992-fb img_1015-fb img_1021-fb img_1026-fb img_1034-fb img_1037-fb img_1045-fb img_1049-fb img_1062-fb


Week 43/52

My oldest daughter has recently found out about geocaching. She learned about it on a middle school field trip and had decided this fall she would like to try to find as many as she can. Well it just so happened that one of the locations was at the next door park so we set off to find it. They were very excited when the located it, signed the log and put it back. It was a fun girls outing in some beautiful afternoon fall light.

img_7639-fb img_7650-fb img_7653-fb img_7661-fb img_7676-fb img_7678-fb img_7689-fb img_7793-fb img_7796-fb img_7800-fb img_7811-fb

Week 42/52

Happiness is a new update to our favorite app Musical.ly, playing with the new filters and laughing at ourselves. I love the gorgeous autumn colors that she is playing under.

img_7341-fb img_7354-fb img_7374-fb img_7378-fb img_7379-fb img_7381-fb

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