Macro Monday and Magnolia Almost

Happy Macro Monday. It was a brutally cold weekend around here just to prep ourselves for the Nor’easter headed this way. But before we are buried under a foot or more of snow (I’m still holding on to the fact that it could be just a rumor) I went outside to take a few photos of the almost blooming magnolia with my new Lensbaby Trio set to twist on my Fuji to practice and see if it would do a little freelensing. I hope the flowers survive the deep freeze this week and still blossom.

I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. It was pretty hard to freelens but that could just mean I need more practice on a nicer day.

I also shot a few with my canon macro lens too. Here is my fave:

And now head over to the amazing Tiffany Kelly and see what she has for us on this Monday.

Macro Monday And Blossoms

The Plum tree has decided to blossom early. Luckily it was only a few of the blossoms that got a little overzealous becasue we had a cold snap after the lovely February weather we were having and now they are all wilted. But likely there are more on their way to bloom. Lets hope the weather starts to turn a corner into spring. 🙂



Week 51/52

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Christmas Eve. I tried an in-camera double exposure this week for fun.

hanukkah night 1

I can’t believe the final week of this project is upon us starting tomorrow and it will be the most fun yet as it is the week of Hanukkah. I know I will have a lot to share in the final blog post of the year to finish off with a bang. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Week 50/52

We are down to one more week before Hanukkah arrives. It does feel a little strange with it being quite so late this year. But this week the kids are starting to get excited about picking their menorahs and candles that they plan to light. Plus we tested the lights in our decorations and played with some beautiful morning sun, inside. Something to keep us busy during this very cold week.

Week 38/52

This week was the toughest one this year. We, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my husband’s mother, the kids’ grandmother, who had been battling cancer for over 2 years. She lost her battle last Friday and we honored her memory this week when the family gathered around to talk about how wonderful she was and how she will be missed. But one thing that is for sure, she loved her grandkids fiercely and would be happy to know that I brought my camera with me to capture them all together smiling and happily enjoying their thoughts and stories of her.

So here is her ZEV at dinner before the memorial.

dscf7254-fb dscf7273-fb dscf7274-fb dscf7276-fb dscf7277-fb dscf7278-fb

And a little photobomb action from my brother and his girlfriend. 😀


We love and miss you Judy. ♥


Week 33/52

This story is called “A Farewell to the Tonsils”. Her Dr’s decided it was time to remove the insanely large tonsils that she inherited fair and square from the both of us to help her with her allergies. This was the week we decided to have it done so that she would be recovered before school started. She is making a wonderful recovery and is eating all the ice cream she wants. I look forward to less stuffy noses, no strep throat and little snoring in her future.

DSCF6979 fb

DSCF6985 fb

DSCF6988 fb

DSCF6990 fb

DSCF6991 fb

DSCF6994 fb

DSCF6995 fb

DSCF6998 fb

DSCF6999 fb

DSCF7003 fb

DSCF7009 fb

DSCF7016 fb

DSCF7018 fb

DSCF7024 fb

DSCF7034 fb

DSCF7035 fb

DSCF7044 fb

DSCF7049 fb

DSCF7050 fb

DSCF7051 fb

DSCF7054 fb

DSCF7056 fb

DSCF7062 fb

DSCF7070 fb

DSCF7073 fb

Thru the Lensbaby | January | Week 3/52

This is the squall before the big storm. We got maybe an inch of snow this week before the big blizzard of 2016 hit us in the Mid-Atlantic. My daughter and I decided to play a little in the snow with my Sweet35.











Head over to the super talented Celeste Pavlik to see her lensbaby shots for January. <3

Hanukkah Night 5

A silly crew we have here tonight. 🙂 Taken with my Fujifilm X-E2.









Click Away 2015 – Afternoon/Evening

For my final post and share on click away I will share some of my FujiFilm shots from the afternoon and evening of Day 3. We were able to dine on the river for dinner which was an awesome experience.









Ohio Vacation

This month we traveled to Ohio to camp at the Cedar Point campground and ride some roller coasters. We also spent some time in Cleveland to see the lake and the Hall of Fame. Here are the highlights.

DSCF4371_small DSCF4374_small DSCF4379_small DSCF4384_small DSCF4389_small DSCF4396_small DSCF4402_small IMG_5952_small IMG_5972_edit IMG_5981_small IMG_6028_small IMG_6049_small IMG_6053_small IMG_6056_small

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