Macro Monday | Little Green Acorn

It’s almost fall around here and the squirrels are in full force gathering for the winter. So when I was outside this week and this acorn fell in front of me I knew it was going to be my next macro subject. However, the shot didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned it but alas I didn’t get a chance to do a reshoot. So here’s my attempt at little green acorn in the ‘rain’ with my Lensbaby Velvet56. 😀

green acorn macro

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Thru the Lensbaby | March

This month my daughter turns 11. So today’s story is how she spent her afternoon while I captured it on my Velvet.

First a trip to the Dr for some shots.

IMG_6675-2 FB

Then packing for a sleep-over party this weekend.

IMG_6684-2 FB

And finally the obligatory birthday portraits.

IMG_6697 FB IMG_6711 FB IMG_6717 FB IMG_6721 FB IMG_6740 FB

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Thru the Lensbaby | Feb

This month I am the recent proud owner of the Velvet56. So I took it for a spin around my house with my girls and a most beautiful sunset.

IMG_2030 fb IMG_2037 fb IMG_2039 fb IMG_2108 fb IMG_2120 fbDSCF5540 fb DSCF5542 fb

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Thru the Lensbaby | January | Week 3/52

This is the squall before the big storm. We got maybe an inch of snow this week before the big blizzard of 2016 hit us in the Mid-Atlantic. My daughter and I decided to play a little in the snow with my Sweet35.











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Hanukkah Night 6

Tonight I had some fun with my Lensbaby and Sweet35. It was also Shabbat so we had a nice dinner with Matzoh Ball soup (because I am nursing a cold), challah and corned beef. The girls also wanted to light the Shabbat candles. Who am I to say no to to that request?







Hanukkah Night 2

Tonight it was a nice quiet evening and I got a little more time to take some photos with my Lensbaby and Edge80.





Lensbaby Love Blog Circle November

October in Maryland this year was spectacular. The colors were just beautiful. We were graced with an early, and unusually warm, fall. I know that the warm temperatures won’t last. But I was lucky enough to be able to head to one of my favorite local spots and test drive a Velvet 56 lens on some beautiful leaves.











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Lensbaby Love Blog Circle October

I admit I have been a bad Lensbaby owner recently but I am super excited to be posting in a new Lensbaby blog circle with some amazingly talented ladies. 🙂 I dusted off my Edge80 and got a few moments before breakfast, hence the PJs, with my girls on a day where schools are closed.


IMG_7737_edit IMG_7739_edit IMG_7746_edit IMG_7762_edit IMG_7770_edit IMG_7772_edit IMG_7785_edit

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Nature Camping Weekend Part 2

The second half of my camping weekend was just as beautiful.

At the campground, these birds (which I haven’t identified yet) were nesting in these houses on the lake.


This Northern Bobwhite Quail was a resident of the campground. His name is Shimmy and he was mostly friendly. He let me get close to him to take some photos but wouldn’t let me try to pet him, I would get chased. 🙂
IMG_5580_edit IMG_5593_edit IMG_5599_edit

A Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.

IMG_5615_edit IMG_5617_edit

This web was found deep in the woods on a nature trail. I have no idea what kind of spider this is but I thought the web was quite cool.


Another shot of my favorite Great Blue Heron perched peacefully on a sign.


A Blue Grosbeak

IMG_5649_edit IMG_5652_edit

This Osprey was guarding his catch.

IMG_5676_edit IMG_5680_edit IMG_5685_edit IMG_5686_edit

My hubby who was so tolerant of me, followed me around the island looking for things to shoot. <3

IMG_5700_edit IMG_5702_edit IMG_5706_edit IMG_5707_edit

Sunset with my wide angle across the bay at the campground.

IMG_5708_edit IMG_5719_edit IMG_5736_edit IMG_5751_edit

The next few were taken with my Lensbaby.

IMG_5775_edit IMG_5788_edit IMG_5792_edit IMG_5801_edit IMG_5812_edit IMG_5848_merged_edit

And some macro shots as we drove away.

IMG_5901_edit IMG_5917_edit IMG_5929_edit

I hope to make another trip there maybe in the Fall or Spring so I can see different birds as they migrate to and fro.


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