Serenity | In the Awakening of the Earth

Spring took a long time to finally reach us this year. Its been a long, cold and dark winter. But I take great joy at the sunshine, longer days and warmth that we have ahead of us. My flowering trees are enjoying the sun as well.

And now please head over to the super talented Iris Nelson to see what her serenity is for this month.

Serenity | Spring Warmth and Sun

This month I am excited to be joining in on The Serenity Project with some of my talented photographer friends. Once a month we all share what serenity means to us and take photos. This month, as we are just now leaving a cold spell, I find my serenity in the warmth of the spring days and the bright sunshine on our faces and leaves.

I also find serenity in tiny blossoms, aka weeds, that surround my house at the edge of the forrest.

Please keep the circle going by heading over to see what Nadeen has for us this month.

Macro Monday and Cherry Blossoms

I am lucky that my cherry tree decided to hold off blooming until after all that nastiness we got in the middle of the month. Now I can enjoy some beautiful cherry blossoms for this Macro Monday. I used my Helios and did some freelensing. We were lucky to have one day this weekend with amazing weather. Bring on spring!

And now head over to the talented Iris Nelson to see her Macro Monday shots. ๐Ÿ™‚

Macro Monday and First Day of Spring?

Yesterday morning we got yet another dusting of snow, just before the first day of spring. But before it all melted off the trees, I grabbed my macro and captured some shots as the sun was just rising.

And now head over to the super talented Tiffany Kelly to see her macro shots on the first day of spring. ๐Ÿ˜€

Macro Monday and Magnolia Almost

Happy Macro Monday. It was a brutally cold weekend around here just to prep ourselves for the Nor’easter headed this way. But before we are buried under a foot or more of snow (I’m still holding on to the fact that it could be just a rumor) I went outside to take a few photos of the almost blooming magnolia with my new Lensbaby Trio set to twist on my Fuji to practice and see if it would do a little freelensing. I hope the flowers survive the deep freeze this week and still blossom.

I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. It was pretty hard to freelens but that could just mean I need more practice on a nicer day.

I also shot a few with my canon macro lens too. Here is my fave:

And now head over to the amazing Tiffany Kelly and see what she has for us on this Monday.

February Best 9

Here are my favorite 9 photos of last month for both kids and non-humans. I also took part in a movie project last month where I shoot 1 second videos each day of the month. Well I increased it to 1.5 seconds instead and added in a few extra. So super fun and the kids really loved it too. We plan to try a new one each month this year.ย 

Feb 1 Second Movie Project from The Gaggle Photography on Vimeo.

Macro Monday and Colored Roses

I got a pretty bouquet of multi-colored roses at Costco post Valentine’s Day. My original thought was a dark and moody shoot but we had such a beautiful, warm and sunny weekend that I couldn’t resist taking them outside for some bright light shots. My daughters were also in on the fun and it was their idea to play with some color theory and they placed them in front of their color opposite for these shots. It’s so fun to shoot with help from my girls.

Please head over to my friend Iris Nelson to see what she has for us on this Macro Monday.

Macro Monday and Winter

In the winter I’m not all that motivated to shoot. Its dark and cold and dreary. But we did have one good weekend day that was a little warmer than normal so I thought I would get out in the yard and look for some lovely dead crap to photograph. Here’s what I found for this week.

Please now head over to my friend Iris Nelson and see what she has for us on this Monday Morning.

Macro Monday and Missing Fall

I already miss the fall leaves and freelensing. Now it’s just dark and cold and brown. ๐Ÿ™‚





And now head over to the super talented Tiffany Kelly to see her macro Monday shots.

Week 47 and 48/52

Last week we were on vacation which is the reason for the delay in posting week 47. We had some amazing weather for Thanksgiving week at the Outer Banks, NC. We spent time being tourists visiting the lighthouses, playing on the beach and seeing the Wright Brothers. It was a wonderful and needed get away.

eliza-beach-fb girls-beach-fb

bodie-island-light-fb hatteras-light-fb sunset-over-sound-fb

I am almost embarrassed to admit how many photos I brought back with me and I know it will take me most of the month to go through and edit them all. But at least I can relive the week and remember how much I love the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚


For week 48, however, we are back to our regular routines of homework help, looking outside for squirrels, and more homework with a little gaming thrown in. The kids enjoyed the break from school for a few days but are back to working hard.

img_2731-fb img_2733-fbimg_2725-fb img_2791-fb img_2860-fb

I can’t believe it’s December already and I only have 4 more weeks of this project. Thanks for following along with me.

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