Week 40/52

Last night was my son’s first homecoming dance. He was accompanied by a long time family friend who was very excited to go to another homecoming dance and spend a few hours with him. I am pretty sure they had a good time despite the fire alarm being triggered twice by the popcorn machine. I couldn’t resist a few minutes with them in the studio before they left. So super cute. ♥













Week 39/52

Just this guy. 🙂



Week 38/52

This week was the toughest one this year. We, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my husband’s mother, the kids’ grandmother, who had been battling cancer for over 2 years. She lost her battle last Friday and we honored her memory this week when the family gathered around to talk about how wonderful she was and how she will be missed. But one thing that is for sure, she loved her grandkids fiercely and would be happy to know that I brought my camera with me to capture them all together smiling and happily enjoying their thoughts and stories of her.

So here is her ZEV at dinner before the memorial.

dscf7254-fb dscf7273-fb dscf7274-fb dscf7276-fb dscf7277-fb dscf7278-fb

And a little photobomb action from my brother and his girlfriend. 😀


We love and miss you Judy. ♥


Week 37/52

I am a firm believer in letting the kids have their own independence, within reason. I think that letting them make decisions, giving them the opportunity to fail and not win at everything and letting them spend time away from us helps them learn from their mistakes at an earlier age to prepare them for when they are out in the real world. I give them the tools for them to help themselves, like organizational and study habits, and I send them away each summer to camp for a few weeks to help them learn self-reliance. But even with all of that said I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching around my house. I liked to have control over the housework and I was under the philosophy that it was easier to do it myself than have someone else do it.  Not only is that bad for me running myself ragged cleaning up after all five of us but it wasn’t teaching my kids anything either. So this school year I’ve instituted a new responsibilities chart where I give them the independence to choose three things they would like to do each week, do them and then record them on a shared spreadsheet. It’s going to take a few weeks to get in the groove but I think I am liking the way the first few weeks have gone. 🙂


img_9500_fb img_9511-fb img_9572-fb img_9604-fb img_9301-3-fb img_9704-fbimg_9720-fb img_9735-fb

Week 36/52

I decided to take the month of September to try a new personal project called The Single Frame Project. The rules are I only get 1 photo for this project each day. Then I process it and share it on my personal Instagram which is here Instagram and I explain why this scene was chosen and some of my thoughts to go along with it. The idea behind this project is to slow down, take in all of my surroundings and shoot with intention. So far I’m loving the results and I hope to stick with it for the whole month.

I mention this story because this week I went on a nature hike and photo walk with my youngest. I shot my one photo for my project and then while I was shooting nature I also turned the camera back onto her because she is such a character. She likes to tag along with me and bring the Fuji camera with her so she can take a few shots as well. She also brought the camera shopping with us too. 😀 Every time I have my camera in hand she takes it away from me so she could shoot a few photos as well. Chip off the old block.







Week 35/52

It’s back to school time and this year we have two milestones, one started high school and one started middle school. With all the chaos of three schools, different bus stop times and no before care for the little one this week is brought to you by my iPhone. They say the best camera is the one you have with you, right? Well I did do a few slight edits on these to make me feel a little better.

The high school bus comes really early, in fact, just before sunrise. I was teasing him about his glowing shoelaces. He loves bright colors. 🙂

IMG_8719 fb

IMG_8721 fb

Then this one follows shortly after with a beautiful sunrise.

IMG_8738 fb

IMG_8754 fb

And finally a walk to school 2 hours later. My mornings are really different this year.

IMG_8771 fb

IMG_8781 fb

My only chance of a group photo this year was afterschool when I made them go outside and pose for me, barefoot and all.

IMG_8812 fb

Week 33/52

This story is called “A Farewell to the Tonsils”. Her Dr’s decided it was time to remove the insanely large tonsils that she inherited fair and square from the both of us to help her with her allergies. This was the week we decided to have it done so that she would be recovered before school started. She is making a wonderful recovery and is eating all the ice cream she wants. I look forward to less stuffy noses, no strep throat and little snoring in her future.

DSCF6979 fb

DSCF6985 fb

DSCF6988 fb

DSCF6990 fb

DSCF6991 fb

DSCF6994 fb

DSCF6995 fb

DSCF6998 fb

DSCF6999 fb

DSCF7003 fb

DSCF7009 fb

DSCF7016 fb

DSCF7018 fb

DSCF7024 fb

DSCF7034 fb

DSCF7035 fb

DSCF7044 fb

DSCF7049 fb

DSCF7050 fb

DSCF7051 fb

DSCF7054 fb

DSCF7056 fb

DSCF7062 fb

DSCF7070 fb

DSCF7073 fb

Week 32/52

My final week in the series. This girl really keeps us on our toes daily. She is so strong willed and stubborn but also can be sweet cuddly at times. She never meets a person she doesn’t like, or who she won’t talk to…she never stops talking. 😀

32 of 52 Violet

IMG_6830 fb

IMG_6837 fb

IMG_6840 fb

IMG_6856 fb

IMG_6890 fb

IMG_6894 fb

IMG_6898 fb

IMG_6907 fb

Week 31 of 52

Up this week is my very outgoing, artistic and extremely sarcastic daughter. She makes us laugh daily. 😀

31 of 52 Eliza

IMG_6870 fb

IMG_6872 fb

IMG_6875 fb

IMG_6877 fb

IMG_6882 fb

IMG_6886 fb

IMG_6912 fb

IMG_6919 fb

Week 30/52

My kids are off at camp having the time of their lives. But before they left I decided to spend a few minutes with each of them. This week I am featuring my son, my firstborn, my sensitive one. ♥

30 of 52 Zachary

And here they are in full size.

IMG_6929 fb

IMG_6943 fb

IMG_6948 fb

IMG_6952 fb

IMG_6963 fb

IMG_6980 fb

IMG_6981 fb

IMG_6987 fb

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